YEGO is designed to create satellites in every district where different but complimentary services will be offered to the youth. The program will be implemented through youth centers using an integrated approach. The YEGO is aimed at empowering the young people to be active participants in their own development and that of the country rather than sitting on the receiving end as some of them have demonstrated. The centre has an information desk on HIV/ AIDS, family planning and life skills. The centre provides education on the Rwandan culture to the youth through different arts and sporting activities such as songs, drama… and lectures with Rwandan culture experts.

There are programs like Voluntary Counseling Test which nowadays operate every Thursday at the center, but intend to be operated every day from this July.

We have Anti drug complain, etc

In sport, YEGO through its satellites has a plan of developing different discipline of sport such as Basketball, Football, Handball, Karate, Volleyball, etc.

The vision in sport is to hire the Football academy by YEGO National level that will focus on children by supporting the mission of the sport sector to teach and helping children to start professional football.