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The overriding goal of the youth Sector is to enhance growth and competitiveness of youths to enable them to contribute to the country’s medium term objectives as outlined in the Vision 2020.

To increase access to youth employment Increase participation , inclusion and collaboration of young men and women in all aspects of the development of Rwanda

Connekting Youth

for Continental Transformation

• Currently 420 million youth aged between 15 - 35

live in Africa. However, one-third of the youth are

currently unemployed.

• Africa’s youth population is rapidly growing and

expected to double to over 830 million by 2050


YouthConnekt Africa (YCA) has emerged as a high-impact solution for African

countries to realize the demographic dividend. Launched in Rwanda in 2012,

YouthConnekt has been embraced for its innovative design and implementation providing

youth with the skills, networks and information needed to scale their initiatives and gain

meaningful employment. To date, six countries have already launched YouthConnekt and

many others are in the process of implementing the model.

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