This Program aims to boost the chances for youth to benefit from vocational training opportunities. It is focused on information distribution about available training opportunities and requirements while also mobilizing youth to take advantages of those existing opportunities. The program will use the strategy to equip the Youth in specialized groups with employment skills. One of the recommended strategies is Apprenticeship Program.

 For a long time, this methodology was used as a traditional way to pass knowledge and practical skills to the young to prepare them for the labor market. The learning by doing methodology for young people is the best strategy especially for those with particular problems. This type of training has the advantages that the apprentice, not only learns technical skills, but also become acquainted with the management of small enterprise and customer care by observing and assisting the entrepreneur in her/his day to day business; this facilitates her/ his decision at a later stage to become self employed or to create her/his own micro enterprise. The Program will focus on the priority areas or sectors identified to be on high demand in the country and the region.