This Program aims to boost the chances for youth to benefit from vocational training opportunities. It is focused on information distribution about available training opportunities and requirements while also mobilizing youth to take advantages of those existing opportunities. The program will use the strategy to equip the Youth in specialized groups with employment skills. One of the recommended strategies is Apprenticeship Program.

 For a long time, this methodology was used as a traditional way to pass knowledge and practical skills to the young to prepare them for the labor market. The learning by doing methodology for young people is the best strategy especially for those with particular problems. This type of training has the advantages that the apprentice, not only learns technical skills, but also become acquainted with the management of small enterprise and customer care by observing and assisting the entrepreneur in her/his day to day business; this facilitates her/ his decision at a later stage to become self employed or to create her/his own micro enterprise. The Program will focus on the priority areas or sectors identified to be on high demand in the country and the region.


Youth entrepreneurship as an avenue of opportunity is a sustainable solution to unemployment which responds to he market changes by creating a dynamic and responsive workforce. In encouraging youth entrepreneurs to create their own micro-enterprises tailored to the demands of their communities and the changing world market, youth entrepreneurship programs encourage sustainable economic development.

Rwanda intends to boost employment through Small and medium enterprise Development. There is an indication that Small Enterprises compete by meeting new demands for quality, productivity, reliability, innovation, flexibility and capacity to adapt to changing needs. All these issues are promoted in the Youth Employment and Productive Centre.


Since Rwanda has decided to become a technology led economy, this sub-program contributes to the overall country commitment by enhancing the IT skills for youth. There are continuous Computer trainings conducted by the center to make young people from senior six (A2 level) able to use some computer programs and do some researches on the internet.

We are now implementing a internet café for helping young people to do researchers and some internet works. This will be in activity in few months.




The Job Creation and Self Employment Development Program will consist also in promoting labour intensive investment projects with sustained effects on youth employment and self employment (opportunities assessment and model and pilot projects). The Program will also attract and facilitate the set up of Labour oriented infrastructure such as Business incubation for young Small and Medium Enterprises and exhibition centers that will be beneficial to youth employment.


Rwanda is a member of EAC and this provides opportunities to access to the wider market of the community. Learning the languages commonly used in the region such as English, French and Swahili along with other skills offered in the centre or elsewhere in any other institutions in the country; will facilitate the youth Rwandans to penetrated regional labour and business markets.


YEGO is designed to create satellites in every district where different but complimentary services will be offered to the youth. The program will be implemented through youth centers using an integrated approach. The YEGO is aimed at empowering the young people to be active participants in their own development and that of the country rather than sitting on the receiving end as some of them have demonstrated. The centre has an information desk on HIV/ AIDS, family planning and life skills. The centre provides education on the Rwandan culture to the youth through different arts and sporting activities such as songs, drama… and lectures with Rwandan culture experts.

There are programs like Voluntary Counseling Test which nowadays operate every Thursday at the center, but intend to be operated every day from this July.

We have Anti drug complain, etc

In sport, YEGO through its satellites has a plan of developing different discipline of sport such as Basketball, Football, Handball, Karate, Volleyball, etc.

The vision in sport is to hire the Football academy by YEGO National level that will focus on children by supporting the mission of the sport sector to teach and helping children to start professional football.


The One Stop Youth centers is also providing skills in leadership to the youth. Lessons on volunteerism, civic education and patriotism are provided to help the youth to grow up as responsible and productive citizens. Training on lobbying, advocacy will also be provided to ensure that youth are able to know their rights to participate and get involved in decision making processes and good governance.


The YEGO aims serve as a catalytic to develop the talents among Rwandan Youth. The center will facilitate the talented young people to develop their creative ideas, grow and nurture them so they can put them on the market with quality and reliability. The most targeted sectors are such as music industry and arts.